Why TKE?

Meeting a rushee

A brother meets a rushee (and soon-to-be TKE) at a rush cookout

It’s a great time to be a TKE on the Washington University campus.  We have a tremendous sense of pride for our local chapter and the international Tau Kappa Epsilon name.  While stereotypes are typically thought of in a negative light, the TKEs at Wash U are thought of as the “good guys” of the Greek community, and it’s a stereotype that we welcome and aim to keep.  At TKE, we take our core values to heart—choosing men to join our ranks not based on wealth, rank, or honor, but on personal worth and character—and have been known to ask aspiring members to dismiss themselves from our new member education process upon regularly showing disrespect toward others or otherwise defaming our strong name.

As a new TKE, you would be joining a community of men who care about themselves, others, and who are making an impact in the community.  We are proud to have men from all walks of life as RAs, varsity athletes, student government officials and much more, and all our brothers are diverse in nationality, race, religion, and sexual orientation.  If you’re a student considering rushing TKE, know that there’s no limit to the number of fraternities you can rush, there are no obligations you’re setting by rushing, and you’ll gain a lot of great experiences and go some pretty cool places for free!  So come out, meet some guys, and take a look around to see if you’d be interested in becoming a TKE—we’d definitely like to meet you.  For more information on how the fraternity Rush process works at Wash U, check out the Rush page in our About Us section.

For more information about joining, take a look at jointke.org, which has lots of general information about TKE as well as a guide for parents, or check out our FAQs page.  If you have further questions or would like to know more about rushing TKE at Wash U, be sure to email our Rush Chairman.


Enjoying the company of brothers

A TKE enjoys the company of other brothers

TKE allows for fantastic leadership opportunities and experience.  Officer positions in our chapter are elected, and duties are expected of them that very few other college students ever experience.  Whether its speaking at a public TKE-hosted event, managing a budget worth multiple thousands of dollars, or guiding the chapter through innovative motivation and leadership, TKE men become great leaders.  We believe there are always opportunities for improvement, both on a personal level and in regards to our chapter as an organization, and we’re always seeking potential members with extraordinary ideas, passion, and the will to become a strong leader.

TKE as an international organization also providers dozens of opportunities throughout the year in the form of leadership academies and service conferences that further bolster this growth in young leaders.

Scholastic Achievement

Breaking the wishbone

A couple of brothers are guided as they break a Thanksgiving wishbone for the first time.

At our core we are a collegiate organization, and personally, we are students first.  As such, we take great pride and care in our academics.  Each year, our brotherhood chairman sets and maintains an academic standard that we expect ourselves and each other to meet and exceed.  If a brother is struggling with academics, we make sure to personally assist and connect him with useful resources as needed.

TKE understands the importance of academics, and while the Wash U Greek GPA standard is set at 2.50, we expect all our members to achieve above a 3.00.  In Spring 2012, TKE was reported to have the third highest number of 4.00 GPAs out of all 12 fraternity organizations at Washington University.  Furthermore, we were recently recognized by the international fraternity as having the highest cumulative GPA out of any TKE chapter worldwide.

Friendship & Brotherhood

TKEs on vacation

A group of TKEs spend spring break together in Florida

Our brothers are TKEs for life.  Some of the strongest friendships and bonds in life have been formed at TKE at Wash U.  We support each other in our endeavors and are a constant safety net and support group for each other.  We don’t discriminate regardless of a man’s race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation, and are proud to celebrate each of our differences in calling one another brothers.  And as the largest fraternity in the world, there’s sure to be a TKE chapter to accept you as one of their own at nearly any university you may visit.

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